There Are Better Things to Wreak of Than Desperation…

I just finished reading another chapter in a book about buzz marketing (Buzz Marketing by Mark Hughes) and can’t help feeling as though one of the business anecdotes therein really speaks to what I’m trying to do…I’m trying to mobilize my friends and family as my word-of-mouth advertisers.   I greatly appreciate all the preaching that’s already been done, especially by my family, but I’m asking for another favor…  Some of you have tasted one or all the Fleurt flavors, some of you have yet to have the pleasure, but I’m hoping that you will still feel comfortable spreading the word about Fleurt Butter.  Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the people at your local grocery stores (especially the ones in the Phoenix area) that you have heard about Fleurt and would really like to see it on their shelves.  Tell your local restaurants and hotels about it.  Send the link for this blog around like it’s the ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ video.  I promise, the product will live up to expectations and I will reward all of you for your efforts. 

And in other news…I think I have overcome my fear of failure at this point, although I’m sure there will be days when I’m paralyzed by my fear of rejection – rejection from buyers, from media and, most importantly, from the wonderful people that will buy Fleurt Butter.  I feel more afraid of time…the time that it could take to really make this venture work, the time I spend giving my children half the attention they deserve because I’m thinking about butter, and the time I spend waiting by the phone hoping someone will return just ONE of the many calls I’ve made about Fleurt.  Seriously!  Call me back!! 

Wow, I really do perfume the air with the delightful scent of desperation these days, don’t I?  Forgive.

Clearly no butter was made today but I did spend a solid chunk of time making phone calls and carrying on some very one-sided conversations with voice mail services.  I think Lorraine Nelson  and I are now bestfriends. 

It’s Friday so I’m going to make a point of spending some time with the kids tonight – unplugged and butter-free.  Well, I may have to melt a tablespoon or two of Chipotle Lime onto popcorn for movie night…


About Fleurt Butter

Butter's been given a bad rap over the years and I'm on a mission to make butter sexy again; to take delicious, flavorful, colorful, sensuous butter. I am not a chef; I blush when I refer to myself as a 'cook' because that seems too generous. Sometimes I turn out dishes that I am incredibly proud of, often times I'm just pleased to get something on the table without burning the house down. The idea behind Fleurt is that using it in meal preparation enables me to put fabulous food on the table in front of my family and friends with a minimum risk of botching the job! I should warn you that I can not be held responsible for all grammatical errors and general rambling...I might be undergoing 'therapy' as I write (see my 1st post). I'm writing these posts and cringing as I do so. I've yet to be convinced that people actually want to read what I write, but I am hopeful that the recipes I post are used and enjoyed. I certainly have fun testing them and finding ways to bring Fleurt into my daily life!
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