An Explosion – of fighting AND flavor!

In a word: exhausted.  Today was one of those days where everything went great until we got home from picking Lily up at kindergarten.  To be fair, we have a lot of days like this…smooth sailing until 3:10pm then all hell breaks loose.  It’s like all the bickering that Lily and Georgie would have done between 8am and 3pm gets bottled up and then just explodes the second Lily gets in the car!  Nightmare doesn’t even begin to cover the horror of the 3 minute ride home from school (seriously, it’s 1.2 miles…I checked).

In trying to rescue the afternoon I got the girls situated on opposite sides of the table and got to work prepping a chicken for roasting with, as you would no doubt expect by now, Fleurt Roasted Garlic Herb Butter, mashed potatoes, and more carrots (I have a whole bag in the fridge and I need to use them up…my kids will probably be orange tinged by the weekend). 

A very civilized family dinner was the plan.  A disaster was the reality.  Georgie again deemed the chicken ‘awesome’ but she did so with a mouth full of food and proceeded to pebble dash the table top as she sprayed her ‘ssss’.  And that was the highlight of the meal!

Scrummy Fleurt Roasted Garlic Herb Butter roast chicken!

The food, however, was wonderfully moorish.  A much needed comfort at the end of a long afternoon.  By the time the chicken came out of the oven I was desperate for a taste and had to pick at the crunchy skin a bit…oh my!  The herbs had perfumed the skin so beautifully and I was lucky enough to get a gooey bit of roasted garlic in my tiny taste.  Joy!!  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the chicken.  Admittedly my photography skills are lacking, but you get the idea.


About Fleurt Butter

Butter's been given a bad rap over the years and I'm on a mission to make butter sexy again; to take delicious, flavorful, colorful, sensuous butter. I am not a chef; I blush when I refer to myself as a 'cook' because that seems too generous. Sometimes I turn out dishes that I am incredibly proud of, often times I'm just pleased to get something on the table without burning the house down. The idea behind Fleurt is that using it in meal preparation enables me to put fabulous food on the table in front of my family and friends with a minimum risk of botching the job! I should warn you that I can not be held responsible for all grammatical errors and general rambling...I might be undergoing 'therapy' as I write (see my 1st post). I'm writing these posts and cringing as I do so. I've yet to be convinced that people actually want to read what I write, but I am hopeful that the recipes I post are used and enjoyed. I certainly have fun testing them and finding ways to bring Fleurt into my daily life!
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One Response to An Explosion – of fighting AND flavor!

  1. Emily says:

    Sharon, the chicken does look awesome! I’m hoping we can make one of those when I come home at Christmas?!?! After trying to cook tonight on my stove, I am seriously questioning my ability to roast anything in my oven and have it looking as yummy as your chicken 😦

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